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Search PubMed to find citations and abstracts in clinical medicine and biomedical research.  PubMed, which is best known of the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) family of databases, includes Medline and other medical databases.  About 5,200 journals are currently indexed.  Entries for articles published as far back as 1949 until the present have now reached the 20 million mark.  PubMed does not contain words from the text of an article.  To search the actual text of a limited number of journals in the Ovid database you can use   Generally, full-text searches should be used only for obscure minutia after other searches have yielded zero hits.  Remember the Ovid database indexes many fewer journals than PubMed.

Consult MESH Terms first, if you want to do a topical search.  Using MESH terms will greatly enhance the precision of your retrieval.   It will also help you formulate search strategies.

There are many menus and predefined qualifiers that make PubMed easy to search.  However, not all PubMed's search options can be offered in these menus.  If you want to inspect a comprehensive list of  PubMed qualifiers, consult the Advanced Tips page.   For further information go to NLM's Medline/PubMed Resources Guide

To find out if  Marshall University has a particular title?

  • MU Periodicals List if you want to scan for specific titles or view lists of titles that are held by Marshall Libraries in either Print or Online formats.
  • View a complete summary list of the Health Science Library's  Journal Holdings in print format
  • Search the MU Miles Catalog to find all Marshall journal holdings including current issues.  Click on Basic Search and Choose Periodical Title from the drop-down menu.

Check  MU Article Databases to search outside of the NLM family, if you want find articles in disciplines outside of clinical medicine.   Most of the databases that offer full-text journals are non-medical.  There are Biomedical databases represented, whose contents may have citations that are not found in PubMed. Use MU periodicals to determine whether a specific journal is full-text online and which database to use.  

Use ILLIAD - IDS to request document delivery electronically.  Many documents are delivered in electronic format (PDF)

To search from off campus login using:   Then go to database you want to search.

Presentation on  PubMed Searching Techniques 

Example of A Saved Search


What Journals are Available Online Globally, but may not be held by Marshall?

  • Search PubMed to discover whether a specific biomedical article or journal is available online. Display your findings in the Abstract format and the display of publisher's logo indicates that an article is available online.
  • See Priodici Biomedici if you wish to scan a comprehensive list of online journals in the biomedical disciplines.